Power Auras I’m using for Holy in 4.0.1

Update: My Power Auras exports now all kept on a Power Auras page.

Here is a collection of exports for Power Auras I’m using a couple weeks into 4.0.1.  I’ll update this post in the future with any more additions for a Holy spec.

You’re missing a Seal, nub:

Version:4.2; b:0.2275; g:0; icon:Spell_Holy_HealingAura; buffname:Seal; texture:19; mine:true; size:0.26; y:180; inverse:true

Holy Shock is OFF cooldown, you should probably use it:

Version:4.2; b:0; anim1:4; icon:Spell_Holy_SearingLight; buffname:Holy Shock; r:0.9412; begin:3; x:20; bufftype:7; texture:13; alpha:1; size:0.3; y:-14

Infusion of Light proc:

Version:4.2; b:0.0706; anim1:4; g:0.3961; icon:Ability_Paladin_InfusionofLight; buffname:Infusion of Light; begin:3; texture:4; spec2:false; size:0.75; y:30

Holy Power aura set, a tweaking of the set found at http://powerauras.wikispaces.com/HolyPower.  I was going for a Jong-meter, but was stuck using stock textures.  If myself or anyone can come up with something better I’ll update here.

1 stack:

Version:4.2; b:0.1922; g:0.9529; thresholdinvert:true; icon:Spell_fire_meteorstorm; x:101; bufftype:10; texture:53; threshold:1; PowerType:9; size:0.16; torsion:0.67; y:2; finish:0

2 stacks:

Version:4.2; b:0.1922; g:0.9529; thresholdinvert:true; icon:Spell_fire_meteorstorm; x:102; bufftype:10; texture:53; threshold:2; PowerType:9; size:0.33; torsion:0.57; y:20; finish:0

3 stacks (incorporates a handy audio cue):

Version:4.2; b:0.1922; anim1:4; g:0.9529; thresholdinvert:true; icon:Spell_fire_meteorstorm; begin:3; x:103; bufftype:10; texture:53; alpha:0.8; sound:23; threshold:3; PowerType:9; size:0.49; torsion:0.54; y:36

A little 3 stack addition to get a little more of your attention and serve as a tribute to the Ret bad ass himself:

Version:4.2; b:0.298; g:0.898; thresholdinvert:true; icon:Spell_fire_meteorstorm; begin:9; x:107; bufftype:10; texture:72; alpha:0.74; aurastext:Jong Fucking Madden!; symetrie:3; speed:1.52; threshold:3; PowerType:9; textaura:true; aurastextfont:4; size:1.3; torsion:0.95; y:165; finish:3


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