Prepare Your Bags and Bank For Cataclysm

(or any expansion)

You’ll see this many places lately, in varying flavors, but it all comes down to two things:

  1. Clean house
  2. Review & revise your finances

As for number 1, this is relatively easy.  Sift through all you bags and bank slots to sell or delete as much junk as possible.  Toss all that unused gear you kept ‘just in case’.  Take a look at your storage situation and prepare for a new round of leveling.  Some examples of what I’ve done:

  • Discarded old sidegrades, especially non-plate healing gear.
  • Discarded a whole set of Ret gear I never used.
  • Discarded old tanking gear that was obviously outclassed by my current set.
  • Kept a bunch of old trinkets because I’m still a packrat at heart but at least they’re in one place where I can vendor them quickly.
  • Shuffled my kept items (pvp, tank, and nostalgia) to keep track of them so I can quickly throw any of it away if necessary.
  • Bought a couple new bags at decent prices, particularly a new Mammoth Mining Bag to use while leveling.

I recommend being a little more careful with number 2.  If you’re on the AH several times a day, working it with a second (third?) account, or using the Mobile Armory to buy and sell then you’ve probably got a good plan already.  If your approach to the AH is more casual then you’ll still want to take care of a couple things if only to make some gold in exchange for some free bag space.

First, look at what you might actually use while leveling to 85 and keep some select items in the bank to cover that need.  You shouldn’t plan to enchant every single gear upgrade but look for those quality of life tweaks that will be hard to lose.  Sure, maybe this is just an Engineering quirk, but everyone has different priorities.  For myself:

  • 2 or 3 stacks of buff food and a stack or two of flasks.
  • Materials for 2 or 3 new Nitro Boosts and Springy Arachnoweave.
  • Consider keeping mats for profession skill-ups when the caps are raised, but only if this is more profitable (or desirable) than what you’d get selling those mats right now.

Then take whatever is left, post it to the Auction House, and enjoy not being dirt poor in Cataclysm.


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