Blackrock is Full…


I’ve been through the previous expansions so not much of this was new to me.  I did, however, learn a couple things.  Picking up on Janyaa’s post:

  1. Digital download is officially awesome.  I cannot remember where my original Warcraft CDs are located, but since the whole client is digitally downloadable I do not care.  Digital distribution of this expansion was the next logical and welcome step.
  2. Aside from the expected slow performance, setup and login went smoothly.  Even the occasional disconnects caused very few problems.
  3. My first goal is to level at a comfortable pace.  10 levels in Wrath took only two very casual months as Holy.  I expect 85 won’t take me quite at long.
  4. I left off in Vashj’ir where I’ll continue leveling just as soon as I can get back in.
  5. I don’t have any particular interest in either of the new races.  I created a new Dwarf Shaman recently, but it will be noteworthy if any of my alts make it to level 20.
  6. I prefer questing to level but I’m sure I’ll run dungeons very often because the Dungeon Finder makes it so easy, it’s decent XP, and it will probably be less stressful than dealing with a PvP environment.
  7. I’ve replaced no gear yet, but at least two of the blue drops from Blackrock Caverns were stacked with Mastery and could lead to testing a different gear set.
  8. After getting to work on Wednesday I made a note to have different plans for the next release.
  9. I caved to pressure the week before release and redid my secondary spec as Prot for some dungeon tanking.  I don’t expect to touch it again until 85.  Holy all the way!
  10. My favorite part so far is the shiny newness.  The joy of discovery is a wonderful thing.

What else have I learned?

  1. “Interact with target” is key-bindable.  If it weren’t for all the lag in loading 100+ characters on/around the flight trainer I would have made it out of Orgimmar at least 30 minutes earlier.
  2. I need to leave my extra gear sets in the bank.
  3. I need to get better about logging in 2 or 3 hours before playing.

The three hours I did spend playing after launch were still a lot of fun.  I miss questing, exploring, and even mining.  Blackrock Caverns with a 264/277 geared group was certainly on the easy side, but it was a lot of fun going in blind and we had one near-wipe.

So now I have plenty of time to take in the trash barrels, do some dishes, watch some Day[9], catch up on The Walking Dead, and maybe play a little Star Battle.


One response to “Blackrock is Full…

  1. Yay! You’re officially the first to respond. 🙂

    Honestly, I would have downloaded it, too. That is, if I had known *before* I reserved my copies.

    I completely agree, everything is so shiny and new! I love all the excitement and feeling of discovery. They’ve done a great job on all the new zones that I’ve seen so far.

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