Three Weeks of Relaxation

That’s been my experience so far.  At this point I am halfway through 84 and nearly finished questing through Deepholm.  Mining is at 525, Engineering at 485, and I’ve still only upgraded my neck.

Relative to Wrath, this feels about right for only half the levels.  Even if Blizzard said they wanted 80-85 to take as long as 70-80 it seems like the changes to zones and questing have had significant impact in speeding things along.  Travel time (with epic flight & Crusader Aura) is never very long and completing goals isn’t very difficult (even on a Holy DPS budget).  This keeps me progressing well even with background activities and playing casually.

On the one hand, I’ve found very few direct upgrades and little need to look for them.  On the other, I’ll hit 85 slightly behind the gear curve.  At least the extra faction reputations and 4k Justice Points should give me a jump start.

I still only have the first two instances, once each, under my belt.  Attempting to enter a Random last week at 84 produced a vague “ineligible” error message.  It turns out I hadn’t scouted any other new dungeon entrances.  While I appreciate the mechanic, it would be really nice if the error message was more specific about the real issue.  This table is very helpful, after the fact.

Reaching 525 Mining happened by accident.  I admit I’ve done a tiny amount of ore farming and been rather aggressive while questing, but it took a lot less time than expected.  I only half-filled my Mammoth Mining Bag twice, maybe three times overall.

Engineering is going up at a decent rate and I really appreciate the 5-point recipes.  I just made two new Toolboxes for both bag and bank slots and it doesn’t look like I’ll run into the Wrath situation of making 5 to 10 extra trinkets and Army Knives just to reach max level.  I hope to craft zee gogglez shortly after reaching 85.

In raiding news, my guild has been in 10mans for a couple weeks.  I know I’m not forgotten as I’m still being spammed with invites.  Plus, I get to hear the dirt on bad PuG healers in the run.  I’m purposely avoiding Vent for now, so I can’t tell if there’s too much fire-standing, but I am looking forward to getting back into it.


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