Update Your Armory Links!

Go go go, FFS, and such-forth!

It’s been about a month since old Armory links ceased functioning.  I don’t care what the fine print on WoWArmory.com’s disclaimer says, many goblins should be tossed into the fires of the Molten Core.  Whose goblins?  Yours if you haven’t updated all of your Armory links in your blog links and forum signatures!

It’s pretty simple, too:  http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blackrock/yoseketh/

Realm names, especially, are much simpler now that all the apostrophes, dashes, and spaces have been removed.  I make no claims on special characters used in names, but it all looks transparent in Firefox.


3 responses to “Update Your Armory Links!

  1. Thanks for that. Would have let that go had I not read your post.

  2. Good advice. Thanks!

  3. It took me a good two weeks before it dawned on me to change my Armory links. Then I had to remember everywhere I had links. The only thing more annoying is updating Magelo links in signatures, but such is the price to be paid for staying up to date on character progression!

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