The worst thing to happen to Holy. Ever.

Since I’ve always felt left out of all the Paladin whining, I thought I’d offer my honest opinion on the 4.1 patch notes. Behold! The WORST THING TO HAPPEN TO HOLY PALADINS.



Really, Blizz? Really?!


5 responses to “The worst thing to happen to Holy. Ever.

  1. You know Joe, it seems like Blizz is trying really hard to nerf us every patch. This has got to be the silliest nerf I’ve seen yet. Has Blizz given us a reason why? Was Crusader Aura really that OP?

  2. Actually this is just a tooltip adjustment – this went live in 4.0.6. I believe folks were using it on H-Al’akir to bypass the electrical storms in P3.

    Oh wait – this was sarcasm 😀

  3. I still miss it tbh 😦 This silly little thing made my life easier when digging 😦 afk cry

    Gina @

  4. Evidently the combination was too fun. D:

    I raged hard when I first saw them (fail) to do this 4.0.6.
    Still wish I knew their reasoning on this.

  5. The best guess I’ve seen is the affect on Rated Battlegrounds. Go go PvP consequences!

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