My own 4.2 gear priority list

Maybe it is because tier 11 was the fastest pace of progress I’ve experienced or perhaps it is the outstanding look of tier 12 Paladin gear, but I took the time to make my own gear list for 4.2. I made this for myself and, thus, it prioritizes certain pieces so I’m not spending DKP unecessarily on minor upgrades.

Stat priorities
  1. Spirit / Haste
  2. Spirit / Crit
  3. Spirit / Mastery
  4. Haste / Crit
  5. Haste / Mastery
  6. Crit / Mastery
Tier 12

Completing a four piece tier set is a priority due to the excellent bonus. Happily, all 5 pieces of the Regalia of Immolation are decently itemized (no Mastery) but the chest looks like the best slot for off-set gear. UPDATE: Kurn does a great breakdown on the various four piece options here. She delves into the stat details and has some slightly different preferences for these and other pieces.

Tier 12 Normal

Who wouldn't want to look like this?

To start, I did a lot of gear searches by doing some creative filtering of the PTR database at Wowhead. I also spent some time browsing some 4.2 and Firelands guides. A relatively concise one is at Icy Veins. Wowhead also has a great one.

Next, I made a list of gear available outside of raiding. Items from the Avengers of Hyjal, crafters, vendors opened with Marks of the World Tree, and Valor Point vendors. None of these pieces are poor and some are excellent if you have no expectations of heroic (ilvl 392) gear.

Avengers of Hyjal
Mark of the World Tree vendors (ilvl 365 items)
Valor Points

Finally, I looked at my character and determined which pieces would be the highest priority for upgrades. For example, my weapon is the ilvl 353 Amani Scepter of Rites and my helm, shield, bracers, belt, boots, and jewelry are ilvl 359. The following list prioritizes my gear choices by desirability as well as equipment slot.


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