Notes For Any Other Class Learning to Paladin Heal

Complements of Zel, this is for all those hippies trying to figure out how to heal with a Paladin. Warning, the Cataclysm changes mean you’re going to need to use at least three buttons!

No Spammable AOE?  How do I heal up the group?

Group heals are a crutch. Pop Holy Radiance, stand in the middle of the group (near the melee or ranged piles), Beacon the tank, triage heal.

Not working? Use Salv, HoP, and even Divine Shield to direct all damage to the tank. Then Sac the tank and heal him.

Cooldowns.  Use them.

Your “Hand of …” spells are cooldowns you should be using all the time. Divine Favor, Avenging Wrath, and Guardian of Ancient Kings can be rotated for extremely high damage situations such as when you feel the need for a lot of group/raid healing.

Rolling what, now?!

You’re wearing plate now, hippie. Heal directly and mean it.

Divine Plea when you can

Divine Plea takes half your output. Don’t bother pairing it with a big cooldown, but do use Hand spells. Learn to look for opportunities to Plea during long fights and let other healers in the raid know you’re using it.

Why is my healing floor way over there?

No. Be assertive, hippie. “Why is nobody hugging me? HUG ME!!!” Radiance only works if people are next to you. Train your group to hug. If the boss hates hugging hippies then you’re in luck because you’re a Paladin and not a damned, dirty hippie.

a battle rez?

When triaging, keep Death Knight, Druid, or Warlock alive and let the Hunter die.

Illuminated Healing?

That’s an advanced topic. Get to EJ and use what you find there. Don’t cry about it sucking; you’re just going to rust your armor.

When mobs bite my face off…

Laugh. No, really. Interrupt them. Stun them. Mitigate the damage. Shield the damage. Run to the tank, quickly. Just don’t stop healing other people. Heal yourself last.

That feeling? That sparkly aura of pink-tinged invincibility? That’s what it feels like to be a Paladin.

Twitter Paladin icon

This bird is not soft.


4 responses to “Notes For Any Other Class Learning to Paladin Heal

  1. Omg this cracks me up. Awesome.

  2. Paladin is one of the few classes that I haven’t played past level 10.

    Never could get the feel of fighting as a Pally and figured I would be a healer if I ever rolled one past 10. However, that was a while ago. I guess the class has changed since then.

    I prefered Warriors that could fire a gun or shoot an arrow to get the mobs attention. And being able to rush in and fight was a plus. AOE has never been my strong suit.

    I’ve heard so many people complain about the Pally Bubble and the other stuff they can do. Like I’ve said, that was my impression of Pallys from back in the day.
    I guess I will focus on a Pally to see what’s new.

  3. “You’re wearing plate now, hippie. Heal directly and mean it.”

    This is all that needs to be said. Ahaha.

  4. This.
    This is fantastic. I have a paladin at around level 40, and at the moment, she’s a tank, but you’ll freaking bet that when I start seeing some healing gear that she’s going to get to heal. Thanks for the advice!

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