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Weak Auras for my Holy Paladin

With the release of Mist of Pandaria I made the migration to WeakAuras like many people. The expected upgrade to PowerAuras (MoP compatible here) wasn’t working out at the time and I made the transition rather than trying the upgrade during Beta and switching back to PA’s MoP-ified v4.

Generally speaking, the two addons do the same thing. I am not entirely used to WeakAuras but I recognize some areas where it offers enhanced capabilities. My own PowerAuras strings may still work for the updated version 4 of the addon but are no longer being maintained.

I have now posted my WeakAuras strings which provide a very similar setup. I will continue to maintain that page and update it for future encounters as well.

WeakAuras Holy Power & Holy Shock

WeakAuras Holy Power & Holy Shock