About Joe

I go by Joe Ego.  I level Holy.  I started playing World of Warcraft in the spring of 2005 with Yoseketh, a Paladin on the Uther realm, and thoroughly enjoyed Dun Morogh.  I finally reached level 60 after 18 months, entering The Burning Crusade with a good handle on healing, a basic understanding of AoE tanking, and the knowledge that I would never kill anything quickly.

Leveling in Burning Crusade took most of a year.  Heroics were serious business and the hunt for gear led through Battlegrounds.  Alterac Valley and Healbot taught me the basics of healing others.  Magister’s Terrace (pre Beacon!) taught me perseverance.  Kharazan taught me the fun of raiding.

Leveling in Wrath of the Lich King took me twice as long as everyone else: two months.  By April 2009 I found myself in Naxxramas and part of Prolific.  Later promoted to a minor officer position, I coordinated raid healing and helped keep up the pace. I also got some use out of Dual Spec by tanking the occasional raid.

Before Cataclysm I migrated to Blackrock to raid Heroic content on a practical schedule. With the changes to raid sizes for Tier 11, I joined Standard Deviation so I could continue with the 25 man format I love. We progressed through 6/13 Heroic in Tier 11, 6/7 Heroic in pre-nerf Tier 12, and 8/8 Heroic at 20% in Tier 13.