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Get the Maw. Love the Maw. Share the Maw.

This question has popped up a few times on Plus Heal, Twitter, and other places. Players all over, from first timers to multiple ‘Glory of’ achievers, occasionally start second guessing themselves. Their attention is distracted by shiny “Item Level” numbers. They have a question. “Which weapon should I use?”

Maw of the Dragonlord is the answer.

Do not displease the Maw!

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The 4.3 Holy Paladin and My Gear Priority List

I have a confession to make. I lead a secret life in Firelands you weren’t aware of unless you stalked my armory profile or hung out in Standard Deviation’s healer channel. In 4.2 was a Mastery stacker. More than that, I ran with a relatively high amount of Spirit. I was awesome on Baleroc. My other results were generally good, though the build performed horribly on Rhyolith and Beth’tilac. I should have ran less Spirit but the final straw was Heroic Ragnaros. We have not yet killed him at this time, but the amount of raid healing combined with a four-healer composition meant I had to cast faster. My mostly full collection of 391 gear allowed me to reforge and meet the second Haste break point for Holy Radiance by replacing only 3 pieces of gear.

Secondary stats in 4.3 come in a decent variety, though Spirit/Haste is the most common. Changes to Judgements of the Pure will allow us to scale better with Spirit, perhaps allowing us to regularly reforge to additional throughput stats. Both Mastery and Haste stacking appear to be viable in 4.3 and the theorycrafters at EJ (from page 45-ish) are busy in the mathetorium. Keep yourself informed and keep an open mind.

Courtesy of MMO Champion

If tier 12 was an homage to tier 2...

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My own 4.2 gear priority list

Maybe it is because tier 11 was the fastest pace of progress I’ve experienced or perhaps it is the outstanding look of tier 12 Paladin gear, but I took the time to make my own gear list for 4.2. I made this for myself and, thus, it prioritizes certain pieces so I’m not spending DKP unecessarily on minor upgrades.

Stat priorities
  1. Spirit / Haste
  2. Spirit / Crit
  3. Spirit / Mastery
  4. Haste / Crit
  5. Haste / Mastery
  6. Crit / Mastery
Tier 12

Completing a four piece tier set is a priority due to the excellent bonus. Happily, all 5 pieces of the Regalia of Immolation are decently itemized (no Mastery) but the chest looks like the best slot for off-set gear. UPDATE: Kurn does a great breakdown on the various four piece options here. She delves into the stat details and has some slightly different preferences for these and other pieces.

Tier 12 Normal

Who wouldn't want to look like this?

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Pre-Raid Gearing for Tier 11

I’ve only geared up to start raiding once before, but I wasn’t in a raiding guild leading into tier 7.  Once rolling in raids, keeping up is not supremely difficult after you’ve made that time commitment.  Getting on the train, however, is tough for me.  I find myself lacking motivation when it comes to daily quests and PuG’d Heroics.  I’m even more discouraged when a good sized portion of those dungeon groups meet failure (such as with adds on Corborus or a lagging tank on Ozruk).  As long as I might play on any given evening, I just don’t have as much fun or feel as motivated if I’m not there with a large group of people.  All of which is a long way of saying “I feel like I’m behind where I should be.”

I’m not going to freak out because I can never make my self play more or take more enjoyment out of the game.  It’s probably why it took me nearly two years to reach 60.  It feels odd, but honest, to say I enjoy a night’s worth of progression wipes much more than doing my dailies or healing Halls of Origination with four perfectly competent strangers.  Raiding just engages me on a completely different level and motivates me in many ways which happen not to including leveling or reputation and emblem grinding.  They must be done, however, if I’ve any hope of contributing effectively to any raid at the levels I know I can reach.

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