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Pre-Raid Gearing for Tier 11

I’ve only geared up to start raiding once before, but I wasn’t in a raiding guild leading into tier 7.  Once rolling in raids, keeping up is not supremely difficult after you’ve made that time commitment.  Getting on the train, however, is tough for me.  I find myself lacking motivation when it comes to daily quests and PuG’d Heroics.  I’m even more discouraged when a good sized portion of those dungeon groups meet failure (such as with adds on Corborus or a lagging tank on Ozruk).  As long as I might play on any given evening, I just don’t have as much fun or feel as motivated if I’m not there with a large group of people.  All of which is a long way of saying “I feel like I’m behind where I should be.”

I’m not going to freak out because I can never make my self play more or take more enjoyment out of the game.  It’s probably why it took me nearly two years to reach 60.  It feels odd, but honest, to say I enjoy a night’s worth of progression wipes much more than doing my dailies or healing Halls of Origination with four perfectly competent strangers.  Raiding just engages me on a completely different level and motivates me in many ways which happen not to including leveling or reputation and emblem grinding.  They must be done, however, if I’ve any hope of contributing effectively to any raid at the levels I know I can reach.

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Glyphs in 4.0.3a for PvE Holy

*Updated late in the day for the change to Glyph of Lay on Hands.

According to Wowhead, there are a few minor cosmetic zone changes along with another small round of spell and glyph changes.  The most important Holy changes look like this:

  • Beacon of Light now lasts for 5 minutes.  The glyph now makes the spell free to cast.
  • Lay on Hands no longer grants mana to your target.  The glyph now grants you 10% of max mana when you cast the spell.
  • Light of Dawn loses its cooldown and mana cost.  It now uses Holy Power and becomes a smart heal for 5 targets.  The glyph now adds a 6th target with no other adjustments to the healing output.

Not only does this obsolete my very first Random Raid Tip, it changes your glyph choices – especially in the Major slots.  Follow along here.  This is how I break it down:

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Random, possibly helpful, raid tip #2

For many fights in ICC the Glyph of Divine Protection is your newest and bestest friend.  Festergut’s exhale?  Kologarn’s Shockwave?  Maybe some InstabilityDivine Protection no longer causes Forbearance, so use it!  Go find a nice, cozy patch of Coldflame and heal the raid while Divine Protection and Protector of the Innocent keep you alive.  Don’t forget to macro /cackle.

Wait a second.  You’re not getting hit in raids, are you?  If you are then first make sure your tanks are alive (and awake) then consider an off-spec incorporating Blessed Life.

Random, possibly helpful, raid tip #1

For AoE damage arriving on a timer, such as Infest on Lich King, take a look at your own AoE healing toolkit and plan around your own cooldowns.  Continuing with Infest as our example, it has a 20 second cooldown and a 2 second cast time.  Light of Dawn is on a 30 second cooldown that can come down to 20 seconds with the Glyph.  This makes LoD usable for every Infest and, at least on normal modes, it is an easy way to heal the debuf off the whole raid – if positioning is in your favor.

(Since patch 4.0.1 and changes to the Glyph of Light of Dawn, this no longer applies)