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Updated Weak Auras

Quick post to note I’ve updated my Weak Auras page and changed the storage and links over to Pastebin.


Pardon My Excitement

With our pull count in the neighborhood of 190, after 7 raid weeks working on Heroic Ragnaros, we saw Phase 4 with more than a handful of people alive. I remembered to grab a snapshot during a quiet moment. Here I am, with 19 living guildmates:

Heroic Ragnaros Phase 4

Sorry, Scoody. We're out of resurrections.

It was a beautiful moment, filled with fire and way too many meteors. But most of us were there!

For almost a whole minute…

We saw legs!

Well, that didn't last long.

4.3 is on the horizon, so we’re in a bit of a race. Let’s do it again next week, eh?

Addons I’m using at 4.0.1

Posted as a reference, this is a list of addons I’m running a week into 4.0.1 that I consider important.  These are all addons I was running in 3.3.

I’m running the following addons as well, but they are much less essential:

None of this counts for several other addons to help tweak loot rolling, LDB display, auctions, or unit name plates.