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I Talk About Holy Paladins

Megacode will be hosting a Holy Paladin roundtable next week with several socially active players. I’ll be joining him as one of four “experts” on the panel. Questions can be sent in to Healingspec@gmail.com.

Maybe you’ve got tough questions. What stat(s) will be prioritized in Mists of Pandaria? Will we be the worst healers in tier 14? Why, oh why, did we lose our auras? Or perhaps you’re just a troll. Why did I ever think Mastery is any good? If Kurn likes jumping through hoops, why doesn’t she love achievements? Will Ophelie ever blog about WoW on her WoW blog again? How much crap does Chase get from commenters at WoW Insider?

Send your questions and we’ll do our very best to provide answers. I’ll verbally italicize as many of mine as possible.


Well, I placed emphasis on only the important stuff. I had a lot of fun, even if I did have to leave a little early for lunch with my family. Chase couldn’t make it, but we persevered. The show is now published here (direct link).