Weak Auras

Last update: 3/29/2014 – Updated to latest strings. Added Tier & Boss strings. Updated to Pastebin storage.

This page is a collection of my Holy Paladin Weak Auras strings. I will endeavor to update and maintain this page as long as I update and maintain my WoW UI.

Rather than deal with the poor block text handling here, I’ve linked to my PasteBin account. You can also un

Note: most of these strings create results similar to my Power Auras strings found here.

Weak Auras v2

Weak Auras v2


Paladin-specific strings:

Selfless Healer Set

Paladin Seals Alert

Divine Plea

Holy Shock & Daybreak

Holy Power & Infusion of Light

Paladin Hand Spells – All talents


Any Class:

Arcane Torrent usable

Devotion Aura active

Healer Cloak + Meta Gem – MoP

Stolen Relic of Zuldazar


Tier- & Boss-specific strings:

Focus target: energy bar

Debuffs Tier 14

Debuffs Tier 15

Debuffs Tier 16

Thok Set (Use with Focust target: energy bar and /focus Thok. Manually Load/Unload)


5 responses to “Weak Auras

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  2. Where is the holy power tracker string and the devine purpose one?! i loved that one cant seem to find it anymore 😦

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  4. I do a custom setup for most things but I love your holy power tracker! I’m so used to it I can’t switch to any other form lol. Very noticeable when you have less than 3, 3, or extra charges! TYTY!

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