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I Talk About Holy Paladins

Megacode will be hosting a Holy Paladin roundtable next week with several socially active players. I’ll be joining him as one of four “experts” on the panel. Questions can be sent in to

Maybe you’ve got tough questions. What stat(s) will be prioritized in Mists of Pandaria? Will we be the worst healers in tier 14? Why, oh why, did we lose our auras? Or perhaps you’re just a troll. Why did I ever think Mastery is any good? If Kurn likes jumping through hoops, why doesn’t she love achievements? Will Ophelie ever blog about WoW on her WoW blog again? How much crap does Chase get from commenters at WoW Insider?

Send your questions and we’ll do our very best to provide answers. I’ll verbally italicize as many of mine as possible.


Well, I placed emphasis on only the important stuff. I had a lot of fun, even if I did have to leave a little early for lunch with my family. Chase couldn’t make it, but we persevered. The show is now published here (direct link).

Get the Maw. Love the Maw. Share the Maw.

This question has popped up a few times on Plus Heal, Twitter, and other places. Players all over, from first timers to multiple ‘Glory of’ achievers, occasionally start second guessing themselves. Their attention is distracted by shiny “Item Level” numbers. They have a question. “Which weapon should I use?”

Maw of the Dragonlord is the answer.

Do not displease the Maw!

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4.3 Holy Radiance: Casting a completely different spell

I have a confession: I game on a Macintosh.

I’ve been using Macs at home, almost exclusively, since high school. Even though the mice have always come with one button (they still do, sort of) I have used and preferred multi-button mice for years. But I get a laugh out of people who try to make fun of Macs and their stereotypical 1-button mouse because in most cases I get a rather confused and outraged reaction when I show them what I use:

Original Naga

Razer Naga: 17 buttons of fury!

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The worst thing to happen to Holy. Ever.

Since I’ve always felt left out of all the Paladin whining, I thought I’d offer my honest opinion on the 4.1 patch notes. Behold! The WORST THING TO HAPPEN TO HOLY PALADINS.



Really, Blizz? Really?!

Realm-only Heroic Queue?

A caller brought this up on Episode 216 of The Instance (54:45): what if you had the option to restrict your random dungeon queue to only players from your server? The current system has lead to a loss of familiarity, if not camaraderie, with the rest of the players on our servers. It is absurdly easy to avoid most interaction with players you’re likely to encounter on a day to day basis.

There are many positive aspects to adding this feature. Meeting new people you’d want to group with again is at the top of the list. Since moving to Backrock my Friends list is basically empty.

There are also some ‘negative’ aspects to this feature, which necessarily follow the loss of anonymity. I was placed into a partially complete Stonecore with four players from the same guild on a different server. Ozruk, of course, was the next target. Following at least half a dozen wipes where the tank proved entirely incapable of avoiding Shatter, the GM shaman resurrected everyone on the other side of the boss. I understand this is one of the more difficult mechanics to deal with, but complaining in chat about Blizzard’s design is poor form for a guild leader. I am willing to cut the tank some slack, too, as it isn’t something I’ve had to learn (yet) and the mechanic is not at all forgiving.

What broke the run for me, however, was the pre-Azil trash packs. One pack was pulled and I nearly died; the tank and myself being the only two with aggro on the mobs. Then, following an interminable wait while I have to assume the tank was discussing boss strategy with his guild, both of the last two packs are pulled simultaneously with Azil. I believe the tank was dead (with heals and Hand of Sacrifice) before any mob was killed. I dropped group, for the first time ever finding myself in a dungeon run with players who seemed to be actively wasting my time.

The (largest) part of me that holds no grudges and wants to move forward quickly forgot their names, their guild, and their server. The rest of me is still offended more than 12 hours later that people would inflict themselves on others in this way. If they were on my server I would have more incentive to shame them. They would have more incentive to improve, or at least find a regular healer. As it stands they can continue to be horrible, anonymous players in a system where I roll the dice every time I click “Find Group”.

Next time? I’m taking notes and aiming for the Bee Pit.

Update Your Armory Links!

Go go go, FFS, and such-forth!

It’s been about a month since old Armory links ceased functioning.  I don’t care what the fine print on’s disclaimer says, many goblins should be tossed into the fires of the Molten Core.  Whose goblins?  Yours if you haven’t updated all of your Armory links in your blog links and forum signatures!

It’s pretty simple, too:

Realm names, especially, are much simpler now that all the apostrophes, dashes, and spaces have been removed.  I make no claims on special characters used in names, but it all looks transparent in Firefox.

Shorter Than Expected

Thursday evening, a couple dozen quests into Uldum, I reached 85.  Just a bit over three weeks.  I think the new Cataclysm quest design gives a serious boost, which I really don’t mind.  Because who wants to gather 2 or 3 quests sending you halfway across a zone in two different directions?

Osris?  Buried in sand.  Prince trying to help?  50 yards away, but no biggie, he’ll just wait for someone like you to come along and take care of it.

For the first week or two prime time queues on Blackrock were easily over two hours.  This past week waits were less than 30 minutes and under 900 players long.  Maybe everybody’s offline for the holidays.  Maybe the free realm transfers to several possible targets made the difference.  Either way, I slowed down my own leveling pace this last week.  Even logged in, I was AFK plenty during 84.  I spent two to three hours, about four nights per week.  Roughly 30+ hours which included a lot of time on my professions, reading quest text, and exploring various niche sub-zones.  A zerg could easily be half that but it’s just not my style.

80 to 85 as Holy really takes as long as you want it to take.  Being able to fly, epic or not, will have more impact on the speed of leveling than using a ‘healing’ spec.  Unlike Ret, however, killing mobs in any reasonable amount of time and without stopping to drink after three of them definitely requires the proper spec.  Working thoroughly through the early zones also makes for a safer experience

I’ve run four of the available dungeons and the toughest thing I’ve had to deal with in any of them is the swarms of glass-cannon trash in The Stonecore.  Mobs like Rock Borers, Imps, and Devout Followers.  They’re easy to kill but will chew through you and your party surprisingly quickly if not handled properly.  Borers, in particular, are nasty about patrolling their caverns and catching your group in the flank or rear.  Don’t forget: run to the tank.

Now begins the task of raid gearing, which I’ll post on next.